Boost Your Confidence & Self-esteem!

Learn to feel good about yourself and lead a happier life!

Learn self-esteem

High self-esteem means that we love and accept ourselves for the way we are. People with high self-esteem are generally contented most of the time. Low self-esteem means that we are not happy with the way we are. People with low self-esteem usually have negative beliefs about themselves.


Evaluate your self-esteem
If your thoughts about yourself are mostly critical and negative, you are likely to have low self-esteem. These thoughts can revolve around one specific trait, such as your weight or body image, or it can encompass many areas of your life, career, and relationships. If your thoughts about yourself are mostly critical, you are likely to have low self-esteem.


Set a goal to improve your self-esteem

The key to developing positive self esteem is to shift your negative thoughts to positive and encouraging thoughts. The decision lies in yourself, make a conscious effort to think positive about yourself and pave your way to greater self confidence.


Listen to your thoughts

Identify whether your thoughts about yourself are positive or negative. If you have trouble evaluating this, try writing down thoughts you have about yourself regularly. Study your journal for patterns or tendencies.
Example of negative thoughts: “I didn’t get the job I just applied for, so I will never have a job again and I am useless.” You want to change that to a positive thought: “I am disappointed about not getting this job, but I have worked hard and the right job is out there waiting for me; I just have to find it.”


Think positive

Always remind yourself that, despite your problems, you are a unique, special,
and valuable person. You deserve to feel good about yourself, just like anybody else.
Identify and challenge any negative thoughts about yourself such as ‘I am loser’, ‘I never do anything right’, or ‘No one really likes me’. Try to change them into ‘I am a winner’, ‘I can do it right’, ‘I love myself’.

Groom yourself to confidence–

Spend some effort to groom yourself and look good.  It’s amazing how that little extra effort can help to boost feelings of self-confidence and raised esteem. Maintaining a clean and neat appearance creates good impression and invites positivity into your life.


Forgive yourself

Remember that you are human just like anyone else. You do not have to be perfect to be confident. Accept yourself and your flaws. Try to tell yourself that it is okay that you’re not perfect, and that you can work on becoming a better version of yourself. Create your own positive mantra. Tell yourself that you are awesome everyday.


Be kind and generous to people

When you are kinder towards others you tend to think of yourself in a kinder way too.
This will also let people have a more positive impression of you. You will start to feel
good about yourself, and to think that you are a good person.


Stop comparing yourself with others

It’s a destructive habit to keep comparing self to others. Each of us is made differently and we are all champions in our own ways. There are always people either ahead or behind us. Set goals for ourselves and work towards in achieving them. As you achieve each milestone, it will motivate and propel you further, thereby raising your self esteem.


Surround yourself with positive people

Spend more time with positive people. You can rub off their positive vibe and get more inspiration in life. Positive mindset determines positive living.


Exercise and eat healthy

Exercise can give you the energy boost and lift your spirits. It relieves stress, helps to improve immune system and promote good well being. Walking outdoors is refreshing and restorative, particularly if you spend most of your time working indoors.