All I Want For Christmas Is To Pamper My Legs!

Dying to wear that piece of gorgeous dress for Christmas but the condition of your legs are making you think otherwise? Don’t worry! This article will provide you with tips to help you accomplish your mission. Follow all these tips now and get pretty legs that wow the street by Christmas!

Tip 1: Avoid Getting Injured

Be careful of your surroundings and avoid getting any injuries as it may lead to cuts and scars. If you have any existing scars, consider using scar lightening gel like Hiruscar which can help to lighten, smoothen and flatten scars in just 12 weeks.

Tip 2: Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

If you have any issues with veins appearing on your leg, try using Hirudoid Forte to treat those bulging veins. Remember, time is precious and you will want to treat this issue before Christmas comes!

Tip 3: Dark Knight or Dark Knees?

Due to lack of oil to moisturize and other factors, dead skin builds up over time which cause the knees to become darker. In this case try exfoliating and lightening dark knees! You can also try to look for free and simple homemade remedies like lemon honey which can help to cheer up those gloomy knees of yours.

Tip 4: Lock the moisture within

The best time to moisturise your legs is after shower. As soon as you finish showering, moisturise your leg with cream to replace the natural oils and lock in moisture during shower. This can get rid and prevent dry, flaky skin and reveal the inner beauty of your legs.

Tip 5: Shake It Off, Shake It Off!

Been in your comfort too long? Time to shake off those flabby thighs and improve the appearance of varicose veins with exercise! As a start, try simple exercises like jogging, swimming or even walking to help tone your legs. Challenge yourself by doing cardio exercises and increase the intensity of the workout as you progress!

Tip 6: Less is More

Is your skin easily tanned? Being under the sun could be beneficial for the skin’s vitamin D production but too much of a good thing can be bad. Try wearing clothing that covers the skin or use an umbrella. Remember to always bring a bottle of sunscreen by your side and make sure it contains more than 30 SPF for adequate protection!

Tip 7: Don’t skip the most important meal of the day

Remember those days when your mum wakes you up for breakfast every day? She is probably right. Eating breakfast can improve mental performance and lower stress levels which is essential in work. Having a ­­protein and fiber filled breakfast can help to lose weight too as your body use more energy to burn protein. Research have also shown that people who skip breakfast are at a higher risk of obesity than those who don’t.

Tip 8: Clothes Maketh the Man

As William Shakespeare’s quote implies, wearing the right clothing can make a person look more beautiful. It is important to take in consideration your body shape as well when choosing a dress that suits you. Dress to flaunt your newly pair of transformed legs!

Tip 9: There are no ugly women, only lazy ones

If you want those pair of pretty legs to last, maintain it by doing the steps above. You can’t be pretty without making an effort to!

It’s better to be late than never. Time to adopt these healthy leg care habits now. You will be thankful at yourself for the effort you made.